Supplying containers for

Small Containers:
15 – 100ml
100 – 500ml
500ml – 1 litre
1 – 5 litres
Large Containers:
5 – 10 litres
10 – 32 litres
32 – 220 litres
220 litres +

All containers come complete
with your chosen lid

Grow your business with OiPPS

It's not only gardens that come to life in spring - small businesses can also flourish with a bit of nurturing.

OiPPS' huge range of containers is perfect for cottage industries and SMEs with packaging needs that can change on a weekly basis, when storage space is in short supply.

So whether you're an ingredients supplier in Essex, or an aromatherapy oils producer in Bath – check out our product pages to order the perfect packaging for your goods.

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