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The Home brewing revolution

Beer, cider and alcohol in general has been around for thousands of years, but depending on which of the history books you are looking in the exact time can differ a thousand years here and there. No one knows exactly when or how the process of making beer was discovered but like most things that are invented it is thought that it was a happy accident, a very, very happy accident I might add!
Even if the true origins of beer is a bit foggy I think we can all agree that it has come a long way. So far even that a lot of us have now taken it upon ourselves to become the masters of our own destiny and take up home brewing. The legion of home brewers seems to be growing quite rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down and whether done as a hobby in your spare time or on a slightly larger scale it seems the satisfaction of producing your own brand of beer is quite addictive. Home brewing also gives you the chance to experiment by changing and altering your ingredients to get the desired taste and even produce beverages that have lower the number of calories!
Oipps currently offer a wide range of products that are great for your home brewing needs. We have plastic buckets, jerry cans, kegs, aluminium containers and much more to choose from that are ideal for storing your ingredients.
Depending on what you are looking for why not try our new container finder and save yourself time, just choose your specifications and we’ll do the rest. Over the coming months we will be looking to add to our product range and cater to your home brewing needs.
Our plastic beer and cider kegs are one of our best sellers to home brewers and beer enthusiasts alike so I’ll tell you a little about them.
The kegs are available in two sizes, 2.4 litres (which is just over 4 pints) and 4.5 litres (this is just under 8 pints). You have two different colour choices, a brown keg with a transparent finish meaning you can see the liquid inside and a stone finish where the colour is solid. Both sizes come including plastic pressure caps to prevent over pressuring. This works by pressing the inner part of the cap down when filled with beer for example, then if the keg becomes too pressurized the cap will release the pressure, then the cap can be reset.
If you have any questions about any of our products please get in touch, were always happy to help any way we can.
Happy brewing!