20L Metal Jerry Can Olive Green

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Weight 3.900000
Specific Capacity 20 litre
UN Approved Yes
Specific Material Steel
Material Thickness 0.8mm
Colour Green
Pack Quantity 1
Pallet Quantity 4
Commodity Code 7310219000


Heavy duty 20 litre Jerry Can designed for years of reliable service. A classic olive green fuel can with a fixed bayonet closure for a leak-proof seal every time. This stopper style is better than a screw cap because it won't loosen with vibration, however bumpy the ride, making it a safer choice for transporting fuel. The lid houses a thick rubber seal to prevent leaking and evaporation, and there's a locking pin to prevent accidental opening.

High-grade 0.8mm thick steel, quality welded seams and sturdy, pressed metal construction make this a great Jerry Can, and the durable powder coating protects the inside and outside from rust and corrosion. The triple handle design offers a one or two person carrying position, so it's easy to share the load and rolled tubular construction means it's sturdy and comfortable to hold. 

All our cans are UN certified, so they have been tested to the max to make sure they meet the highest quality standards. Only fuel cans that can survive being dropped, submerged underwater, pumped with pressure and stacked without leaking get a UN certificate. Ours passed with flying colours, so you can buy your Jerry Cans from OiPPS with confidence.

As a UK supplier, we've made sure that our metal fuel cans conform to UK HSE labelling regulations. The UN certification number, size and flammable liquid logo are permanently moulded into the can, and the technical label includes essential legal and safety information. 

This 20l large Jerry Can is ideal for automotive, farming, rural and maritime use. It's useful for storing fuel for powered generators, quadbikes, lawnmowers and other machinery, and it's excellent for carrying fuel for off-grid expeditions or in case of an emergency.

Our metal Jerry Cans come in small, medium and large sizes, designed to store and transport petrol and diesel fuel safely. We stock a great range of accessories to help you get the most out of your fuel cans, including fixed and flexible spouts, replacement seals and a holder. Our single and double tube adaptors turn a standard Jerry Can into a portable fuel tank, ideal for supplying fuel to generators, engines and other light machinery. 

With no minimum order quantities and next day delivery available, whether you need fuel for a lawnmower or you're planning an off-road expedition, OiPPS can help. Please get in touch if you have any questions about our Jerry Cans or accessories. 


Features & Benefits


  • Olive green 20ltr jerry can - classic design
  • Powder coated both inside and out - rust-proof durability
  • Fixed bayonet closure - provides a secure seal every time
  • Locking pin - prevents accidental opening
  • UN certified - leak-proof in stress tests 
  • Thick 0.8mm steel - high quality 
  • Triple handle - one or two person carry
  • Rubber seal - prevents leaks and evaporation
  • Embossed with size, UN number and hazard logo - conforms to UK HSE fuel jerry can regulations


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