Bulk food storage made easy.

Shopping in bulk is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and it saves time and money too. But what’s the best way to store large quantities of food? It’s important to store things correctly to keep food fresh and help you avoid any nasty surprises when you next open the flour barrel or coffee jar. Luckily there are a few simple steps that will help your supplies stay their best. 


Keeping Dry goods Dry!

When dry foods get damp it’s not good. Dampness encourages mould and mildew to form and it can happen surprisingly quickly when food isn’t stored correctly. There’s nothing less appealing than mouldy (non!) edibles. 

Dampness also causes powders to clump so it’s definitely something to watch out for when storing any powdered or granulated items such as coffee, sugar or spices.  

A damp proof container with a tight fitting lid is essential for keeping goods dry, particularly when storing items in the garage or unheated pantry space.


Keep food in the dark

Rows of glass Kilner jars look good on the kitchen shelf and are convenient for small quantities, but for longer term storage it’s better to keep things in the dark. Exposure to light makes products degrade faster and it can even affect their nutritional value because it accelerates vitamin and mineral loss. 

Light will also cause colours to fade, so if you want to stop your spices and lentils from getting bleached by sunlight, then store them safely under wraps. Keep the light out and keep the colour in!

Opaque containers stop UV light from getting through.  Blue or black HDPE plastic containers or metal tins are effective light blockers making them a good choice when light damage is a concern. 


Put a lid on it!

If you like a crunch with your cornflake it’s important to keep the air out when storing cereals. An airtight lid will help keep the equilibrium stable inside the storage container. It will also keep the contents free of contamination from air-born particles and bacteria, and is also your best defence against other intruders which brings us on to… 


… Pest Proof food storage

Mice have a notorious ability to chew through electrical wires, so it’s no surprise that standard food packaging is not a problem. Paper flour bags, thin foil and plastic wrappers are no match for a mouse's gnashers!

Metal tins and thick HDPE plastic containers with secure and durable lids are your best bet against a rodent attack and they’ll help keep weevils, slugs and ants out too.  


biscuits and a chocolate egg eaten by a mousebiscuits and a chocolate egg eaten by a mouse
Warning! Mouse at work! Evidence of an epic raid on the treat stash!

Practical ideas for bulk food storage


Food Grade Matters

When food is being stored for longer periods it’s very important to use containers designed with food use in mind, so they won’t leach any nasty dyes or chemicals into your edibles. OiPPS offer a range of useful containers that are ideal for bulk food storage.


Open top Plastic Barrels 

Tough HDPE blue plastic barrels make great food storage containers. They come in a wide range of sizes from 30L, that's perfect for home use right up to a 200L that’s ideal for zero waste stores or warehouse use. The full width opening means it’s easy to put goods in and out of the keg and they have an airtight lid to keep the contents safe from pests and moisture.


Plastic Jerry Cans

Food Grade Jerry Cans are handy for storing oil, vinegar and other liquid supplies. They usually have a built-in handle for easy pouring and are available in a selection of sizes from 2.5 litres right up to 25 litres.


Aluminium bottles 

High quality aluminium bottles are also an option, originally designed for industrial and chemical use they are plenty strong enough to store your fanciest olive oils and vinegars. They come in a wide range of sizes too from a household friendly 6.25 litres right up to 32 litres. 


Plastic buckets

Black or white plastic buckets are another great choice for bulk food storage, a simple and affordable way to keep your food supplies safely stocked up.  


Funnels & Scoops

A funnel is pretty essential when using larger quantities of oil, vinegar or any other liquid, they make decanting without spillages and splashes a breeze. Scoops are handy for powders, grains and pulses and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They make life much easier when it comes to decanting your flour or pasta into smaller kitchen tubs and they’re more hygienic than delving your hands into a barrel!


Here are just a selection of OiPPS Bulk Food Storage Containers. Please take a look at our website to see the full range.