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Whatever you need to measure, pour, or shovel, our great range of accessories make life that bit easier and more precise. We stock all sorts of plastic funnels, scoops and jugs in small, medium and large sizes, making it easy to avoid splashes and spills, save time and efficiently decant anything and everything from liquids and oils to sweet treats and animal feeds.

Food Grade Quality Scoops, Funnels & Jugs

OiPPS offers you high quality plastic measuring scoops, funnels and jugs made from top-grade HDPE and Polypropylene (PP). Our products are extremely durable and practical and are made for industrial use. The whole range is food grade quality, so they are kitchen, catering, and wholesale food and drink safe. 

OiPPS - Here to Help

There are no minimum order quantities with OiPPS, and we offer a great range of delivery options too, with free delivery on orders over £250. Whether you would like some advice about which funnel to use with a particular jerry can or would like some information on shipping or bulk ordering, we are here to help. Please get in touch via contact us at the foot of the page.