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Plastic Funnels

12 Products

Food Grade Quality 

We stock a range of industrial quality funnels in various sizes and styles. Our plastic funnels make it easy to decant oils, liquids, powders and more without spillage and the complete range is food safe making them ideal for the food and drink industry.

General Purpose Funnels

OiPPS offer a full range of sizes. Our 100mm and 120mm diameter small funnels are great for the home and kitchen, and our large funnels go right up to a diameter of 420mm! Great for agricultural and catering use. So whether you’re decanting oils and essences in the kitchen or measuring liquid feeds on the farm, we have a funnel to suit. 

Small, medium & large plastic funnels

Our plastic funnels can withstand high temperatures and pressures so they can be fully cleaned and sterilised. They also have excellent chemical resistance, making them suitable for industrial and scientific use. 

Wide stem plastic powder funnels 

Our powder funnels have wider stems for free-flow of powders, grains, granules and other dried goods. They allow a fast transfer of materials, and the wide stem helps prevent blockages, making them an excellent choice for zero waste stores, coffee roasters and breweries. 

OiPPS - buy with confidence.

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