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Plastic Jugs

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Food Grade Measuring Jugs

OiPPS plastic jugs are made from high grade polypropylene (PP). They are Food Grade quality, making them safe to use for liquids, oils, powders, dried goods and beverages. The jugs can withstand high temperatures and pressures so that they can be fully cleaned and sterilised. OiPPS plastic jugs also have excellent chemical resistance, making them suitable for industrial and scientific use.

Small, Medium & Large Plastic Jugs

There are five different jug sizes in the OiPPS range, designed to cover all your measuring and pouring needs. The small jug holds up to 500ml; our medium jugs hold 1, 2 or 3 litres, and the large jug can hold a full 5 litres. A useful accessory for measuring and decanting liquids, oils and powders. 

OiPPS - buy with confidence.

There are no minimum order quantities with OiPPS, and we offer a great range of delivery options too, with free delivery on orders over £250. Please get in touch with any questions; our team of packaging experts are happy to help.