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Transform your garden with OiPPS new range of eco-friendly garden and outdoor essentials!

Plant Pots
Our range of biodegradable plant pots and growing pots are the perfect choice for any sustainably conscious gardener. Produced from 100% natural plant-based materials and completely free from plastics, they are perfect for growing a variety of organic plants, fruits and vegetables.

Compost Bins
Instead of throwing your food waste out with the rest of the trash, dispose of any vegetable peelings, fruit waste, eggshells, plant and grass cuttings into one of our compost bins or composters. Wait a while and you will have nutrient-rich compost that is perfect to help nourish and grow your plants. Our compost bins are manufactured from 100% recycled content and are extremely durable and can handle any weather with ease.

Water Butts & Watering Cans
Collect rainwater that would be lost down the drain with one of our water butts and reuse it to keep your indoor and outdoor plants healthy and nourished. Made from 100% recycled content and available in a variety of sizes to suit any sized garden or outdoor space. Not only are our water butts great for the environment, but they also help keep your water bills down, especially in the summer months when your garden requires extra attention.

Our watering cans are the ideal companion to put that rainwater to good use! Whether you're a keen horticulturist or you've just planted your first carrot, our recycled watering can is the perfect sidekick.

And more....
We've also got you covered with a selection of garden supplies including heavy-duty bin bags, wooden plant labels and our extremely versatile flexi tubs to help you along your way.