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Kitchen Storage Containers

Kitchen storage containers

Keep your food organised and fresh.


The great thing about the range of products we offer at Oipps is that they have a thousand different uses. They are practical for many different uses both at home and work, indoors and outdoors.

One of the main reasons you seem to buy your containers from Oipps is for your kitchen storage. We have a vast range of tubs, jars, buckets that are ideal for keeping your kitchen clean and clutter free and remember it’s important to keep your food sealed and fresh to avoid attracting pests.

So it’s no surprise that our range of PET containers seem to be one of your favored choice to keep your kitchen tip top so Iet me tell you a little about them.

Our PET containers are ideal for keeping the main items of any kitchen fresh, so your tea, coffee, sugar and spices, biscuits, flour and so on will be safe. Now if like me you have gone and got yourself caught up in the GREAT BAKING BOOM that seems to have engulfed the nation then our PET containers are perfect for keeping all your baking ingredients fresh and organised. Our smaller sized jars are especially good for all those varieties of sprinkles (by the way make sure you look out for our blog on how to make gooey brain Halloween cupcakes!) Anyway back to the jars! They are made from something called polyethylene terephthalate (now you see why we call them PET jars!) meaning they have a glass clear finish which is great for knowing when you need to restock. The entire range of jars come with screw top lids and are virtually unbreakable so you can bake with your little ones without having to worry about them hurting themselves. Sizes start at 150 milliliters and rise to 5 litres so I’d hope we’ve got you covered for storing most things you could think of. I will admit I like to keep a selection of biscuits in one of our 4.5 litre jars because being sat at a desk all day with an endless supply of tea is too tempting not to have a dunk or two, or 12!

You can find the jars on Oipps here, and if you have any questions just get in touch via email, phone or live chat.