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Lego Storage

Lego Storage
For the casual and extreme Lego builder!

You might think working at a packaging company is a bit dull but it’s actually a lot more fun than it sounds! It wasn’t long ago that I was speeding down a hill (a very big one in my opinion!) in a homemade sledge that we made from one of our 220 litre barrels. Not that I am one to exaggerate but I am confident I broke the land speed record! And it isn’t just me that has all the fun, I speak to people who order from Oipps every week who tell me what they are using our products for. We have people building rafts for charity races and team building exercises, a yacht club that built a full pontoon for their lake and even a company that builds houses for hedgehogs!
So when one of our customers told me they used our products for organizing and storing Lego in my inner child awoke and decided to write about it in our blog.
It turns out that within Oipps we have a range of products that are ideal for organizing those mountains of Lego into order, something that I believe most parents would be thankful for seeing as though the worst pain known to us all is stepping on a stray Lego brick bare foot!
Our screw top PET jars are perfect for organizing and storing your Lego because they come with a variety of different coloured lids. Keep all of your bricks and pieces separate to avoid trying to find that elusive missing piece you need. I am a big believer in saving time that should be spent playing rather than searching! You have the choice of yellow, red, blue, orange, green, white and black lids so hopefully we have covered most of the options needed. Sizes range from 150ml all the way up to 5 litres and the jars are glass clear and virtually unbreakable so are safe for children too.
If you’re not concerned with keeping your bricks too organised take a look at our plastic buckets that come complete with lid and handle. Great for carrying your cargo around and fantastic when it comes to tidying all those bricks away at the end of the day. And because our buckets are made from high grade polypropylene they are easy to wipe clean if needed.
Our containers aren’t perfect for only Lego either, they have been tried and tested at keeping dinosaurs, toy soldiers, cars and play dough safe and sound so have a browse around and if we can help with anything just ask.

Have fun building!!