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New Website and New Blog!!


Let me start by saying Hi and welcome to our new blog!

There are exciting things happening here at Oipps and we will be blogging every step of the way. We will be keeping you up to date on new products, events and much more. We want to hear your feedback too, so let us know what we’re doing well and were you think we can improve on by leaving your comments at the end of the blog or by sending us an email.
Anyway the launch of our new website seems to be the obvious choice to talk about in our first ever blog post.

So let me tell you a bit more about the changes and our brand spanking new website….
Why change?

The old Oipps website did a good job, but it is not our intention to provide good service to our customers, though it may sound cliche our goal is to provide a world class service. So as demand and technology advance it seems only right that we should do the same to deliver on what we promise to you. There are a lot of changes and new things that you will see so I’ll go over just a few of them.

What’s new?

Not that it should come as a surprise with any new website but the first change you will notice is the design and layout of the site has changed. Websites naturally age over time so we hope the new design brings Oipps up to date. We have also made the layout of the website a lot more user friendly, meaning you should be able to find where you are and what you want a lot faster than before.

A big change is the introduction of our CONTAINER FINDER. This allows you to filter our products by attributes such as material, capacity, colour, usage, etc.
So if I wanted to see all of our food grade products that you are able to print onto I would select “food grade” and “printable” in the container finder and it finds all the compatible products saving you from scrolling page after page looking for that one product!

Another one of our other changes is the introduction of live chat meaning whenever you have a question you want to ask us you can do so without leaving the page you’re on! Just type your question in the chat box and one of our team will reply to you within seconds.

What next?

As mentioned we will be posting regularly to keep you in the know, so have a look around the website and if you have any questions get in touch with us, were always happy to help.