1. 125ml 2 items
  2. 250ml 1 item
  3. 500ml 2 items
  4. 750ml 1 item
  5. 1 litre 2 items
  6. 2.5 litre 2 items
  7. 5 litre 2 items
  1. 100ml to 499ml 3 items
  2. 500ml to 999ml 3 items
  3. 1 litre to 4.99 litres 4 items
  4. 5 litres to 9.99 litres 2 items
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  2. No 2 items
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  1. Yes 11 items
  1. Plain 6 items
  2. Lacquered 4 items
  1. Plain 4 items
  1. Plain 4 items
  1. Plain 6 items
  2. Lacquered 6 items
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Paint Tins

12 Products

With sizes starting from 125 millilitres and rising to 5 litres Oipps industry standard lever lid tins are perfect for storing, transporting and decanting liquids, pastes and powders with aggressive properties such as paints, solvents and adhesives.

Coming with an external white finish and a choice of either a lacquered or plain internal finish, our paint tins are ideal for a variety of industrial and home-based applications.

Lever lid tins provide an extremely tight seal once the lid has been applied, protecting and preserving the contents inside to maximum effect. The majority of our lever lid tins come complete with lids as standard. Where lids are not included as standard, they can be selected from the 'Choose Your Lids' drop-down menu on the product page.

And with no minimum order quantity on any of our products you can order as many of as many tins as you need.

Please contact us today if you require any further information on any of our lever lid tin range.