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The home brewing revolution has been gathering momentum for almost a decade and is now firmly one of our most popular crafting pastimes. Ever since the recession in 2008 the home brewing industry has seen massive growth largely due to us not drinking out as frequently and keeping a slightly tighter grip on the purse strings. So, the fact that you can brew a pint for as little as around 50p seems to be quite an attractive proposition. With this growth, the standard of home brewing kits has also improved meaning that if you know what you’re doing you can produce a very high standard beer.

But that’s not the only reason that home brewing has become so popular, it’s the freedom and creativity that brewing your own product brings. It’s clear that we enjoy the process of experimenting with flavours and ingredients to find that perfect taste that is just right for you. And as well as your standard beers and ciders there now seems to be a trend of the weird and wonderful, as the industry grew so did the variety of experimentation, so much so that you can now savour ales that include habaneros and even oysters! Think I’ll stick to my usual though!

Now whilst we may have been a little slow to get involved here at Oipps we are now very happy (and hopefully soon to be a little tipsy) to offer you a range of new products to help get you started with your very own home brew.

Have a look at our new products below or click HERE to see our full home brew range.


33 L Plastic White Fermenting Bucket with Tap
Our graduated 33 litre Fermentation Bucket includes fully removable lid and tap to make transferring easy. An Airlock is recommended for this bucket and can be chosen from the buckets accessories.



Unkown_002 (2)
Bubbler Airlock for 33 L Fermenting Bucket Lid
The Bubbler Airlock allows the fermentation gases to escape whilst also preventing airborne contamination.




10 L Plastic Barrel with Tap and Cap
Manufactured from high density, food grade plastic and coming with an easy flow tap the barrel is perfect for homemade beer or cider. And to save you having to test it yourself 10 litres is equal to 17.6 pints.



500 ml Brown PET Bottle and Lid3003_001
You’ve done all the hard work, now it’s time to bottle the goods and enjoy. Our Brown PET Bottles come with a tamper evident cap making them perfect for bottling beer and cider for resale. They are available in packs of 24 but you can purchase them from a single bottle upwards, we just hope you’ve brewed enough for the full 24.




And if you need any further information on our home brew products just click on our livechat and ask away.