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  2. 60 litre 2 items
  3. 120 litre 1 item
  4. 220 litre 2 items
  1. 20 litres to 31.99 litres 1 item
  2. 32 litres to 220 litres 5 items
  1. High Density Polyethylene 5 items
  1. No 5 items
  1. No 5 items
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Plastic Barrels

6 Products

Our plastic barrels come in a range of sizes from 30 litres up to 220 . Manufactured from high-density polyethylene ( HDPE ) our blue plastic barrels are available as either tight head drums or open-top kegs.

All of our plastic barrels are food grade and UN-Approved which means they have been strictly tested to destruction and are approved for carrying certain materials by the UN.

These rigid storage kegs can be used to store a host of items including food, water, oil, powders, pastes, homebrew, paint, soaps, detergents, sanitisers and chemicals. They are also widely used in gardens and the world of watersports to keep clothes and valuables dry and to build rafts and floating piers.

All of our barrels are available to order from 1 unit and upwards with specifications on the product pages. UN and Food grade certificates are available on request.

We offer a speedy delivery service with next day delivery available for most postcodes. For more information on our barrels contact us today by clicking on the live chat button.