1. 130mm to 159mm 5 items
  2. 160mm to 199mm 4 items
  3. 200mm to 249mm 5 items
  1. 1.18 litre 3 items
  2. 2 litre 2 items
  3. 2.5 litre 1 item
  4. 3 litre 5 items
  5. 4 litre 1 item
  6. 5 litre 5 items
  7. 5.6 litre 1 item
  8. 8.6 litre 1 item
  1. 1 litre to 4.99 litres 12 items
  2. 5 litres to 9.99 litres 7 items
  1. Plastic 18 items
  2. Recycled Plastic 1 item
  1. PCR 2 items
  2. Polypropylene 17 items
  1. Black 3 items
  2. Clear 4 items
  3. Green 1 item
  4. Grey 2 items
  5. White 9 items
  1. Cylindrical 1 item
  2. Rectangular 1 item
  3. Round 16 items
  4. Square 1 item
  1. Yes 17 items
  2. No 1 item
Tamper Evident
  1. Yes 9 items
  1. Yes 9 items
  1. Yes 7 items
  1. Yes 7 items
Freezer Safe
  1. No 15 items
  1. No 15 items
  1. Yes 14 items
  2. No 3 items
Export Options
  1. Yes 15 items
  1. Yes 15 items
  1. Yes 5 items
  2. No 10 items
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Small Plastic Buckets

19 Products

OiPPS supply a great selection of small buckets in a wide range of sizes and shapes, from 1 litre to 5 litres. We sell everything from lidded buckets to square buckets, so you’re sure to find a bucket to suit. Whether you roast coffee, sell sweets or simply need a bucket for the home or garden, OiPPS has you covered.

Food Grade

The whole range is food grade quality, making them ideal for catering and wholesale food use. The smaller sizes are perfect for storing spices, dips, pastes and powders and the medium buckets are great for everything from food to fishing baits, cleaning chemicals to paints and more. 

Choose your colour 

Our small buckets come in a great choice of colours; including green, black, clear and white options. So whether you’d like to show off the contents or keep them in the dark we have the right bucket for you.  

Quality Features

All our buckets are tamper evident. Once closed the buckets can only be opened by breaking the tamper tab. This keeps the contents secure until they reach the customer. All our small buckets also come with either plastic or metal handles, making them easy to grab and carry. They are manufactured from high quality Polypropylene (PP), so they are strong and lightweight too. A great practical choice for both home and retail use. 

OiPPS is for everyone!

With OiPPS, no order is too small! There are no minimum order quantities across the whole range, so even if you only need one bucket, we can help. If you’d like to order larger quantities, we can do that too, as a subsidiary of Invopak we are experts at bulk discounts and delivery.