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Pet Food Storage

28 Products

It doesn't matter whether you're a dog or cat person, with our large range of pet food storage containers you're sure to find the perfect container for keeping their food fresh and tasty.

Our pet food range contains plastic tubs, jars and buckets manufactured from either HDPE (high density polyethylene) or PET (don't worry, it stands for polyethene terephthalate), both lightweight and robust materials perfect for excitable puppies and impatient kittens. 

Our tubs and jars are great for storing fish food or smaller treats, and our larger buckets are ideal for keeping larger bulk quantities fresher for longer with their snap-on lids.

All the products you see here are food grade certified from quality suppliers. Any food grade certificates can be supplied to you on request.

A variety of closures are also available from the 'Choose Your Lids' drop-down menu on each product page. And with no minimum order quantity on any of our products you can order all of our products from a single unit upwards.

If you have any questions or need any more information on any of our pet food containers, please contact us today.