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  1. 1 L Plastic White Bucket Complete with Lid
    1 L Plastic White Bucket Complete with Lid
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If you're planning a camping trip, you're going to need plenty of storage space. Thats where we can help. OiPPS stock a large range of containers that are perfect for staying organised, keeping food and drinks fresh and even building rafts.

Keeping food and drinks safe and fresh is vital for any camper. With our range of water containers and food grade containers you can do just that. 

Our water carriers are ideal for any campsite. Ranging from 1 litre to 30 litre capacities they are lightweight and easy to carry with their built-in handle. A release tap closure also means you can decant the contents with ease.

Our plastic barrels provide storage from 30 litres to 220 litres. With both open top and tighthead options available, they are suitable for storing foods such as grains, rice, fruits, vegetables and much more. Due to the fact they are airtight, our barrels have also been known to sail some of the UK's most famous rivers in raft building competitions.

Our water tanks are great for any campsite looking for easy water storage for their campers. 

We also stock a range of food grade tubs, jars buckets and bottles that are perfect for packing all your camping necessities. 

If you need any more information on any of our storage containers, please contact us today.