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Beer and Cider Kegs

  1. 2.4 L Brown PVC Keg
    2.4 L Brown PVC Keg
    In stock - 13142 Remaining
  2. 2.4 L Stone PVC Keg
    2.4 L Stone PVC Keg
    In stock - 11807 Remaining
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Are you a homebrewer looking to store your beer, ale or cider? If so OiPPS beer and cider kegs are a perfect solution.

Our kegs are suitable for any sized venture whether a homebrewer, independent brewery or pub. And with no minimum order quantity on any of our products you can order as many or as few as you need.

Manufactured from PVC, an extremely durable yet lightweight plastic, that offers a great alternative to traditional kegs without the breakages. Available in 2.4L sizes (4 Pints) our kegs come in either a stone or brown coloured finish.

The kegs come with the option of a pressure cap that prevents over pressurising. All closures can be selected from the 'Choose Your Lids' drop-down menu. 

Please contact us if you require any other information about our kegs.