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Apple Bobbing

Apple Bobbing
Let the games begin!

It’s that time of year again!
Summer is over (well what little we had of it anyway) and the dark nights are starting to creep in a little more each day. It’s too early to get excited for Christmas just yet so here at Oipps we look to Halloween to help fill the void left by summer until jolly old Saint Nick is on his way!
Now one of the biggest Halloween traditions is apple bobbing which dates back hundreds of years. Apparently one of the original games began as a courting ritual where young ladies would bob for apples each of which was assigned to a young gentleman, and depending on how many try’s it took her to successfully get the apple would determine how long their love would last!
As far as I am aware nowadays there is a little less riding on your apple bobbing skills but any reputable apple bobbing contest should be held in the correct way so here are the Oipps APPLE BOBBING RULES-

1. First you need to set up so make sure you have your apples, a few towels and most importantly a large enough container. Our range of food grade buckets and barrels are perfect for this so have a browse around to the most suitable one for you.

2. Fill your container with water but leave a few inches free at the top because you are going to splash, so if possible play outside, if not make sure you have your towels handy!
3. Put your apples in the container (make sure you have a variety of different sized apples so young and old can play) making sure you use as many as possible without stopping them from moving.

4. Choose the first player making sure they have their hands behind their back when bobbing.
5. Start the clock! Each player gets 20 seconds to bob for as many apples as they can.

6. The winner is the person who catches the most apples after the 20 seconds are up. To vary the game mark one of the apples with a Halloween sign and the winner is the first person to find the marked apple in the quickest time.
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