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Plastic Scoops

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We offer a wide range of plastic scoops in two different styles. Our smaller sample spoons have a bevelled shape and come in 50ml to 1000ml sizes, whilst our industrial scoops have a rounded profile and come in 250ml to 1500ml sizes. So whether you need to transfer large or small quantities, OiPPS can help.


Food grade quality

All our scoops are food grade quality, so they are safe for use with any consumable product, including; food & drink, cooking oils & sauces, animal feeds & additives and pet food. They are also chemical resistant, so that you can use them with cleaning products, detergents or agri-chemicals. 


Rounded industrial scoops 

Our industrial scoops have a rounded profile with no corners, making them easy to use and easy to clean. The one-piece moulded design is strong and durable, and the handle is shaped for grip and comfort. These scoops come in a choice of four sizes; 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 1500ml and are popular for zero waste stores, sweet shops, animal care and farming.


Bevelled sample scoops

Our bevelled measuring scoops have a flat top for easy levelling and a flat base to prevent them from rolling off the work surface. We offer five sizes from 50ml to 1000ml so that you can measure small and large quantities. They are made from high grade white polypropylene, so they are strong, light and durable—ideal for kitchen and catering use as well as measuring powders and detergents.  


OiPPS - Packaging Professionals

There are no minimum order quantities with OiPPS, and we offer a great range of delivery options too, with free delivery on orders over £250. Whether you would like some advice about our products or some information on shipping or bulk ordering, we are here to help. Please get in touch via contact us at the foot of the page.