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Bins & Compost Bins

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If you're looking to live a more sustainable life at home our range of eco-friendly composters, compost bins and recycled plastic waste-bins are here to help.

Instead of just throwing your food waste out with the rest of the trash, dispose of any vegetable peelings, fruit waste, eggshells, teabags and plant and grass cuttings into one of our composters. Wait a while and you will have nutrient-rich compost that is perfect to help nourish and grow your plants.

Our composters are manufactured from 100% recycled content (HDPE), an extremely durable plastic that can handle any weather with ease.

If you have any questions or need any more information on any of our composters please contact us today. And why not take a look at our range of eco-friendly water butts too. A perfect companion for any composter.