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Plastic Bins

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Plastic Outdoor Bins & Kitchen Bins

Introducing our brand new collection of plastic bins that come in a range of colours, sizes and shapes. Our versatile outdoor bins come in 70L and 100L and our kitchen bins are 30L in size.

All our 30L kitchen bins and 100L outdoor bins are made from 100% recycled plastic so they are environmentally friendly. All bins are made of durable, strong plastic with a smooth surface that is easy to clean.

Kitchen Bins

The 30L kitchen bins come with a swing lid which makes them more hygienic compared to the open-top bins. These waste bins have different lid colour options - yellow, green and blue - so you can easily recycle different types of trash.

The swing bins are lightweight and easy to empty due to the fully removable lid and they are sure to fit in any sized kitchen.

Outdoor Bins

Our outdoor bins range comprises 70L and 100L sized bins in black, red, blue, and green. The handles have metal clasps to ensure the lid is closed securely and to keep pests and insects away. The side handles make them easy to move, and the lid has a recessed grip designed for one-handed use. The tapered shape means the bin liners are easy to remove.

These plastic storage bins can also be used as animal feed bins, dog waste bins, and as storage bins for just about anything from clothes to books and toys.

They are sturdy, quality dustbins made of rigid plastic for good impact resistance that is sure to last a lifetime of use and even more!

Whether you need a plastic bin for waste management, recycling, or storage, we surely have a type that meets your needs!